January 20, 2017


Payload Integration Manager (PIM)

  • Functions as the Payload Developer point of contact to the ISS Programme
  • Ensures payload requirements are accurately defined and documented
  • Facilitates payload product development and communications with the ISS Programme
  • Serves as payload advocate

MCC-H [Mission Control Centre - Houston] at JSC [Johnson Space Centre] (Houston - USA)

The MCC-H is the NASA centre in charge of follow-up of all activities of the ISS. CADMOS does not interface directly with it, but all the TCs and TM coming or going to the ISS for CADMOS payloads (except Cardiomed) go through MCC-H, via IGS.

POIC [Payload Operations Integration Centre] in HOSC [Huntsville Operations Space Centre] in the MSFC [Marshall Space Centre] (Huntsville, USA)

Part of the MSFC, the HOSC is in charge of coordinating payload operations in the US part of the ISS. The POIC, part of the HOSC, is in particular responsible for the payload integration, the astronauts training or the safety aspects.

KSC [Kennedy Space Centre] (Cape Canaveral - USA)

The Kennedy Space Centre is the NASA launch centre for the ISS, which deals with launch, hardware retrieval and integration of the payload in the transfer vehicle.

CADMOS (CNES Toulouse, France) is in charge of:

  • Preparing and testing models before delivery to NASA
  • Preparing and validating scientific scenarios
  • Preparing and validating CADMOS infrastructure and systems
  • Training people involved in operations

CADMOS is responsible for performing in-flight operations (monitoring, planning, etc.), and distributing and archiving data.