January 20, 2017

Ground Segment

Experiment flight operations are performed in real time when necessary and scientists have data access and command control from CADMOS (Toulouse, FRANCE) and possibly from their own laboratory (User Home Base) if required.

CADMOS is located on the CNES campus. It provides full telescience operations capabilities (voice, video, telemetry, command, etc.).

Laboratories hosting ground models (engineering model, laboratory model or science reference model) allow experiment payload developers and scientists to test and validate, their equipment and experiments.

Additional verification tests can be performed on the CNES campus.

In the control room, areas dedicated to each payload allow users to perform real-time operations, training, simulations and development testing.

Specific offices with telephones, computers and Internet connections for off-line experiment activities are also reserved to external people during their presence at CADMOS.

Experiment telemetry
Experiment telemetry web page for scientists and operators

For users identified as a User Home Base (UHB), CADMOS can send data to and receive commands from sites outside the campus.